Tyson new POTW

Tyson -

AGE:  5 years

BREED: Staffordshire Terrier blend

SEX:  Male

WEIGHT: 67 Lbs


Tyson stands out from the crowd. About as handsome as they come, with fantastic manners, Tyson is ready and willing to please. A gentleman amongst the giants, we adore his sensitive glances and soulful eyes. He will need an owner dedicated to daily exercise. He would love trips to the beach and weekend hikes! Tyson will pay his future owner back with unwavering loyalty and friendship. Smart, athletic, sociable – and even dog friendly! Come on down and meet this tremendous dog.


 Taffy POTW


AGE: 5 years

BREED:  Domestic Shorthair blend

SEX:  Female

WEIGHT: 15 Lbs


Our girl Taffy embraces her full figure. And quite frankly, she flaunts it! She is a complete social sweetheart towards people. Taffy wants to know what you're doing, where you're doing it, and what time you're doing it so she can be there. Taffy's sweet and quirky personality makes her a fantastic adoptable pet for anyone looking to add a new feline to their family! Taffy is going to take a cat nap after all this turkey insanity, but she won't mind if you wake her up to take her home. 

All animals are health checked, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Check out our website at www.smvhs.org and visit us at 1687 W. Stowell Rd in Santa Maria. SMVHS is open 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and 10 to 4pm Saturdays. Call us at 805-349-3435.









These animals are available for adoption at the Santa Maria Animal Services

548 West Foster Road in Santa Maria – call 934-6119 for more details 

Come see all of the animals at the shelter!


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All For Animals
Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter
http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/CA65.htmlNorth County Humane Society
http://www.slonchs.org/San Luis Obispo County Animal Services
http://www.slosheriff.org/animals_in_shelter.phpWoods Humane Society
http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com/shelterpages/69598.htmlCentral Coast Lab Rescue
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Lost & Found

tips on finding your lost pet…  

· Be persistent!! Often times, well meaning people will keep a lost pet at their house for an extended period before turning the dog or cat into the animal shelter

 · Come to the animal shelter. Only you can positively identify your pet. As much as we would like to help you, we cannot identify your animal over the phone.


















































Check the shelter at least every 72 hours. Unlicensed, stray dogs and cats are only required to be held for five days before they can be adopted or euthanized.

· Make up fliers with your pet’s description (include a picture if possible). List sex, color, tags, collars or distinguishing characteristics, the area lost, and your information for someone to contact you. Post the notices on supermarket bulletin boards, Animal Service’s Lost and Found Board, with other humane organizations, schools, and nearby neighbors.





























































 · If you have recently moved, leave notices with neighbors in both your old and new neighborhoods, and check with agencies in that area.
 · If you have lost a purebred dog, check with the ARF volunteers for current Breed Rescue Clubs.
 · Make sure that all current and correct information is on file for your dog’s license and rabies tags. If your animal has been micro chipped, make sure the company has your current information.
· Check your neighborhood frequently on foot. Be sure to check at night. If your pet is in an area it is not familiar with, it will only come out when it is quiet.