Dave Daniels (Sunny Country Morning Show… weekdays 6a-10a) 

Describe the most romantic date you have been on?
New Year's Eve 1988, my 1st date with my wife….we have never been apart since that date..we have been together 25 years now! 'nuff said…

What would your "dream" vacation consist of?
Two words… Ha… waii

What is the furthest you've ever gone on a dare?
It involved me and a my roommates and a lot of beer, somehow I was locked out of the house naked….?

What is your blood-type? 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
that is a work in progress, I wish I would have been born on a leap year that way I would really only be 12….

Who makes you laugh? 
Jay Turner, he is a great story teller…

What do you do most often when you're not working?
go to water polo games to see my daughter play, watch football or chopped.

What's your biggest pet peeve?
people who take things way too seriously, we are only here for a short time don't waste it worrying… easier said than done..


Niki (Sunny Country Morning Show… weekdays 6a-10a) 

Wow… "about me"… hmmmm… along with my charming sarcasm and abusive nature, I'm a mega tomboy. I enjoy sports, both watching and playing…….. a former soccer jock, hockey chick, and runner… I've since "reached that age where some activity modification was required" and now spend most of my free time cycling. I love the rush of rollercoasters, and had a totally kick a** time riding in an L39 PATRIOT aerobatic team jet once! WOW! When it's time to slow down… my Mac and a cup of coffee is all I really need…. but the hubs taking me for a nice flight over wine country, or the views from my porch at the ranch would top the list.

I've been married for over a quarter century to my best friend in the world. He's smart as a whip and as sarcastic as me (yes… it actually is possible!). The hubs and I have one "boy"… though according to the US government, he's officially a "man".

I love music… from deep Texas twangy country to the modern rockin' tunes! I have great respect for the talent of a top notch vocalist, and a particular affection for the brains and soul behind the song……  songwriters don't get enough well deserved credit.

Witty people entertain me ——- drop me a line for a good hearty battle of words!

Talented people intrigue me ——- my only real "gift" in this life is biting sarcasm

Manipulators irritate me ——– want something? just ASK!


misty100Misty Smith (weekdays 10a-3p) 

I was born and raised in Salmon, Idaho.  My family has been in the outfitter and guide business for generations.  So I spent my younger years fishing and white water rafting.  I LOVE to fish and go to Alaska every chance I get.  My family has a lodge there and it's the best fishing in the world!!  I went to college in Bozeman, MT for cinematography and media arts.  But, life got in the way…so, I  got into the music scene. I played in some bands and traveled around the world.

I found myself back in Salmon some years later where I met my husband Kenny.  We got married in Payette, Idaho, then began traveling again with his business.  He is in the heavy industrial construction industry. We have 2 little girls Hailey,  and Makyla . The girls and I have a great time 4 wheeling, swimming and hanging out together.

I love working in radio.  I've met so many people that are so friendly. The people here are the best!




100x100-jeffJeff Edwards (weekdays 3p-7p) 

Describe the most romantic date you have been on? "we had a moonlight dinner, walked hand in hand along the beach and watched the sunset and then borrowed a friend's yacht to sail peacefully out to sea….then I woke up and my dog had peed on the carpet next to my bed. Oh well." 

What would your "dream" vacation consist of?
"any place that considered cellphones illegal….ahhhh…peace and quiet!"

What is the furthest you've ever gone on a dare?   What is your blood-type? "O-positive….I think, but I'm not, um, positive….that's the common one and I'm pretty common"

What do you want to be when you grow up? "employed"

Who makes you laugh? "Bill Maher"

What do you do most often when you're not working? "LOL….nice try"

What's your biggest pet peeve?
this is a boring broadcast one….when radio or TV people say "hello everyone" or "hello everybody"….just say "hello"….we are talking to one person at a time…not a concert crowd of people. I HATE that!"


Jennifer Grant (weekdays 7p-12a) 

Describe the most romantic date you have been on? I'm not real fussy-give me some good food and good conversation and I'm happy.

What would your "dream" vacation consist of?
Paris, France. I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

What is the furthest you've ever gone on a dare?

I always go for Truth when playing Truth or Dare.What is your blood-type? O-positive

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is it. I figured out radio was my thing in the 2nd grade when I received a radio as a gift and I've been hooked ever since.

Who makes you laugh? My dogs, Pugsley, Sweet Pea and Beau

What do you do most often when you're not working? Not working? When is that?

What's your biggest pet peeve?
People who won't take their carts to the shopping cart area at the grocery store when they're done shopping. How hard is that? And let's be honest, MOST of us could use the exercise from walking the carts back.