Definition of CIPHER:

a : a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning — compare code 3b

b : a message in code

Want to win tickets to see Tim McGraw at the California Mid State Fair? How about Rascal Flatts? We’re using song lyrics as “code” to create sentences for you to decipher. Each week day, a new cipher will air during the morning show… PLUS… a second cipher will air during the “Double D” drive home. We’ll give you the cipher, then ask you to call in for your chance to win! Once you have deciphered the cipher, be the right caller to give us the song titles that correspond to each line of lyrics in the cipher! Put your thinkin’ caps on… and swill that coffee down… it’s time to Cipher For Seats! 


   Tim McGraw (w/Kip Moore) —  July 17

   Rascal Flatts (w/The Band Perry) —  July 23